Swimming in a Sea of Neoprene: ALEXANDER WANG X HM



“I live in gym clothes,” said Alexander Wang. “When you go out on the street, it’s the uniform now.”

My picks from the collection:



Striped & Spotted’s Style Resolutions for 2014

Last year, I put together a list of closet resolutions to help organize and revamp your wardrobes. But this year, my list of resolutions will address personal style and ways to refine it. 2014 might be your most stylish year yet!


1. Wear what you want

I can’t say this enough. Be confident when it comes to your fashion choices and ignore the backlash. You can seek others peoples’ opinions but try not to base your decision entirely on what they think (except for mum, always listen to mum). It’s not what you wear, it’s whether you wear it with confidence or not. Personal style is a matter of self expression; don’t doubt it.

2. Brave the prints

If your closet is monochrome, add a pop of colour. If you always avoided prints, brave an aztec blouse or dress. A breathe of fresh air never hurt anyone. And besides, it’s the new year and that means you get the chance to try new things. It’s the same with fabrics and materials. Dyed leather will add some rock n’ roll chic to your wardrobe. Dramatic tulle will give you a playful edge with a touch of femininity. Don’t go overboard though- leave the glittered ballerinas for your 6 year old niece.

3. New day, new lipstick

You’d be surprised at how many people look amazing with red lipstick, but are too afraid to leave the house with it on! Try a bold lip colour and consult with a beauty technician to pick the perfect shade. I never go anywhere without my favourite lipstick. Somehow, it gives me a boost and brightens up my day. I use Chanel’s Rouge Allure Velvet.

4. Resole your soul
Take your shoes to a cobbler and have them resoled. They’ll feel brand new again. There is nothing worse than a pair of scuffed Louboutins! You can visit www.saveyoursole.co.uk (as seen in Elle, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan) and buy their gift pack that has everything you need to care and love for your Christian Louboutin shoes. Protect your new shoes or repair your scuffed soles with touch up sole paint – in perfect “Louboutin” red.

5. Vintage dreams.

Keep an eye out for beautiful vintage pieces and try to incorporate them into your look. Vintage pieces add a story to your look and what’s fashion if it doesn’t tell a story? Your grandmother’s pearl earrings will look so chic with a buttoned-up blouse and skirt. And that necklace you bought at Portobello market is always a good conversation starter!