Fall Trend: The Mono Earring


Mono earrings are all the rage at the moment and a key trend for this fall. Angelina Jolie and Rihanna have been seen pulling this edgy look off. It’s a refreshing change to the earcuff! Wear your hair to one side and pair your mono earring with a simple stud for a sexy asymmetrical look!

mono earring


What to wear in this Ramadan heat.

The holy month of Ramadan is time of self-reflection for many of us. Muslims all around the world fast from sunrise to sunset to help us train our self-restraint and feel with the needy. It is a month dedicated to charity and kindness unto others. I feel that although for most of the year I don’t think about it twice, Ramadan is a month in which I dress a little conservatively- out of respect to others. Most of the Middle East has dealt with quite an early summer, with heat waves reaching as high as 39 degrees in Amman. To those of you living in the Gulf, this might seem normal. However for us living in Jordan, it’s sometimes intolerable. We’re not used to weather like this you see, our bodies do not adapt well to this type of heat. But nonetheless, we’re grateful for the sunny weather because our winters have been blistering cold and icy over the past couple of years.

So in this scorching heat, what do you wear? I’ve opted for blouses over lightweight jeans. Today I wore a maxi dress under a little denim jacket with cropped sleeves. I feel that a white blazer is a Ramadan essential in this heat because it’s casual and it’ll keep you cool enough at the office, and you can also dress it up with heels for a chic iftar outfit. I especially like this Zara one below.



Kaftans and abayas are also an option, especially if they’re made out of lightweight silk. They’ll keep you cool and you’ll look like you’re dressing for the occasion, which is always a good thing. Invest in a good quality Kaftan because it will come in handy for a friend’s henna night or Katb Ktab celebration.

Oscar De La Renta

Oscar De La Renta

Balmain Blues.

433045_in_xlIf you know me at all, you know I’m obsessed with leather jackets. In the summer time I roll up the sleeves and in the winter I wear with gilets and scarves. This Balmain leather jacket in sky blue with gold hardware has kept me awake for some time now. It’s almost 3 AM.


Been MIA.

I’m so sorry I’ve been completely MIA for the past month, but I’ve been working on a secret project I can’t wait to tell you all about. In the meantime, I’m in Paris for fashion week and today’s skies are blue blue blue. I’m joining the brunch bunch at Derrière for a bite to eat this gorgeous Sunday morning. Looking forward to an incredibly busy and productive week!

Love from Paris,

Hannah x


Selfies in the Snow


I hope everyone in Amman enjoyed the day off today! Being snowed in, I got the chance to reply to your emails and touch base with you all. I’m so sorry, December is incredibly hectic. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Wearing: Moncler.

This Jacket.

If you know me personally at all, you’d know that my wardrobe consists of 90% leather and that leather jackets especially, are my weakness. I’ve been obsessing over this Acne colour-blocked leather jacket and I’m sure it will make the perfect addition to my collection!

I wear my leather jackets all year ’round, because they add that extra effortless edge to any outfit and go perfectly over anything; white crisp shirts, t-shirts, or dresses!

Check me out in the November issue of Marie Claire Arabia!

MCG10-Profile Last page 01-MCGG10-Cover LOWER GULF

Hey guys! Guess what? I was featured in the November issue of Marie Claire Arabia as well as the Lower Gulf Edition. I love the MC team. Pick up your copy!