Striped and Spotted’s Christmas Picks in the December Issue of V Magazine!



The Gucci Bamboo Ring


I’m having a Gucci moment with this 18-karat gold bamboo ring. It’s pictured here with my vintage Gucci bamboo chain and horse-bit buckle bag from way back in 2000 (Hand-me-downs is only one of the perks of being a baby sister) . Just goes to show you that the Bamboo trend will never lose it’s momentum or its allure.

Treat yourself this December and pick up your bamboo ring at Time Center in Amman.


LRD: Your fall wardrobe’s MUST-HAVE.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

Treat yourself to a sexy red number this Christmas, because nothing says winter rose like a little red dress against a gloomy backdrop. This quilted chanille Alexander McQueen will put you back over a thousand pounds, so keep your eyes peeled next time you’re on the high-street! I found this preppy crystal crown dress by Sister Jane at Topshop. I’m a huge fan of the preppy look, but you can always try something more daring!




Nut & Ptah at the Broadway Gallery.





We went to check out Nut & Ptah’s collection at the Broadway gallery last week and we fell in love with the pieces created by the designers to bring in the new year. We love the print on this gorgeous dress, it would look super cute with a slick black blazer. And how amazing is this red clutch? Because it’s red suede, the plastic lining on the inside adds some practical chic too. You can put your lipstick in without having to worry about smudging the bag. It’s always a pleasure to see these ladies because they’re so consistent in their designs and quality. They pay careful attention to the intricate details and always bring the romance. They have a beautiful collection of jewellery too, so check out their Facebook page by clicking here.



338192_in_xl-1There’s not much I can say except that I absolutely NEED these boots, They’re my favourite boots of the season, along with the Valentino ruffled lace ups. But these are something else; drama mama. I love the wedge and the fold. Adding them to my Christmas wishlist as we speak!