Valentines day with Nadine Shami! (This one is for the boys)

photo 1I’ve spent this entire week getting dolled up in Nadine Shami fine jewelry and it’s been an absolute treat. I know that boyfriends and husbands have a difficult time picking out valentines day gifts for their significant others so I’m here to save the day! The reason why I think jewelry is the way to go; is because it lasts forever. We won’t be impressed with the new iPhone, even if it DID have our names engraved on the back. And that box of chocolates you thought was adorable will be the cause of your misery next week when we’ve put on 3 kgs after scoffing down the whole thing. Mmmm… Actually, chocolate is always a nice additon. Scratch that! We love chocolate- no matter how many pounds we pile on. We want a Nadine Shami jewelry piece and a box of heart shaped chocolates. Nadine even has a gorgeous pair of rose stud earrings if you want roses that will actually last forever this valentines day!
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