The Chamber Gyld Design House opens in Amman

_MG_6810A Gyld Member & Founder of Chamber Gyld, Zeena AlAhmad was born on July 17, 1987 in Amman- Jordan. Her artisan talent was pursued through her studies in Studio Arts & Interior Design in Canada & the United Kingdom.

With a paintbrush in hand and from within the confines of a four walled studio emerged a line of exquisitely designed and passionately produced items that act as a ‘Gyld’ to every home. After launching her first furniture collection in 2012, Zeena has adhered her admiration & passion for art & design and ventured into creating a new concept of exhibition space; Chamber Gyld. The bespoke design house encompasses a number of different talents from the region and all around the world. I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down and talk to Zeena about this new venture and what she has in store for 2014.

You are known as the founder of Chamber Gyld, your furniture design line. I’m a huge fan. What inspired you to open the Chamber Gyld Design House and incorporate fashion and jewelry by other local and regional designers?

“Amman’s first bespoke design house, Chamber Gyld’s concept is to create a hub for talented designers to display & promote their distinguished statement pieces.  The aim is to highlight the power of collaboration & showcase the original talents, who produce exquisite work with excellent quality & finish. We bring Fresh, Avante-Garde & Aesthetic designs to your home & wardrobe from the world’s trendiest spots. Chamber Gyld Design House offers an eclectic mix of hand-made items, at which many are exclusively made for our Chamber! We aim to use our spacious high-ceiled window display, as an opportunity to bring out the unconventional vision in every designer.  Keeping true to the Design House that Chamber Gyld is, the window display will be an ever-changing attraction for people to look forward to each season. Chamber Gyld is not just a concept boutique; it is more of a dynamic space that seeks social interaction via events, competitions, pop-up shop concepts & social media collaborations.”

What are the local and regional brands we can find at the design house?

“Anknownymous, Basma Furniture, Zeena Chamber Gyld, Dina Gildeh AlMasara, Aennis Eunis, Raya Bisharat, Jad Ghandour, Nour Taher, Mohammad Tamimi, Chic Gyld, Vanina, Laith Qattan , Ola Medanat, Badr Adduja, Haya Awad, and more designers and artists are joining Chamber Gyld’s Design House.”

You have also designed your own line of handbags, or “Chic Gylds” to be precise, what inspired you to branch out into fashion and accessories?

“My passion towards art & design allows me to branch out of just my specialty in painting & furniture. I wouldn’t call myself a Handbag designer, because my Chic Gylds are funky, artistic & unique. The patterns & beading are especially handmade for this collection making each piece a statement accessory.”

Where do you draw your influences from when it comes to the design process?

“From my everyday surroundings, travels & patterns present everywhere; from nature to fashion.”

What’s in the pipeline for the Chamber Gyld brand in 2014?

“We’re looking forward to adding many more designers & artists to the Chamber Gyld team. We have a full schedule of trunk Shows, pop-up shop concepts & many more events. We’ll be having exciting window display competitions and hopefully in the near future an expansion to Chamber Gyld – Tea Room.”

How would you describe your own personal style?

“I consider my style to be classic/contemporary.”

How do you spend your free time when you’re not sketching or designing?

“Brainstorming Brainstorming & more brainstorming! Seriously- Design has become part of me!”

What is your favourite city and why?

“London & Beirut are by far my two favourite cities for their history, culture & art.”

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