Stay Junior.


I sat down with the super cool Yasmine Al Naif to discuss the launch of her new line, “Juniors be Junior”. We talked about her plans for 2014, the launch of her new website, and why London is her favourite city. 

Stay Junior Kids.

What inspired you to start your own collection of snap backs and bominner jackets?

Well, what inspired me to start the brand Juniors Be Junior was a love I have for simple urban fashion accessories. Then realising that there is a lack of online platforms for people, ultimately males, to buy funky/edgy, affordable staple items.  So with these two thoughts in mind, it just made sense to create them myself.  The first two products I’ve started with are snap backs and Bominner Jackets which will be followed by a range of hoodies, socks, boxers and… you’ll have to go to the website to find out.

What does Juniors be Junior stand for as a brand and what was behind the name?

The brand really is all in the name.  Juniors Be Junior is hip, playful and aims at keeping everyone looking lively and .. obviously Junior.  All of the JBJ pieces will energise your look and keep you looking up to date.  All the time.

 How would you describe your own personal style?

Always comfortable – A bit of boho chic – Edgy?  How would YOU describe my style Striped and Spotted? You’re the fashionista.

We saw a sneak peek of your JBJ photo shoot and everything looks fantastic! What are your plans for the brand in 2014?

In 2014, the website will be launched, new products will be introduced and some crazy collaborations will be taking place.  You should definitely join us on set for the next shoot because the last one was really fun! 

Where are your designs sold?

At the moment you can contact me directly for orders/purchases: You can see all products on the Facebook page ‘Juniors Be Junior’. The website will be launched by the end of February 2014 with global shipping.  Boutiques in Dubai/London so far will be stocking the products, and i’ll be announcing where next month.

What are you listening to these days?

Golden Silvers, The Purple Bottle, Steak Knives, Lorde, Mr SoMo.

What is your favourite city and why?

 London. I love winter and in London its winter 90% of the time. I always find something new to do, somewhere interesting to eat, a new beautiful street that i’ve never seen before… and you meet people from every corner of the globe. Its also where I consider home.

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