I can finally see you all!

20130918_120527_HDRSpent this morning getting my birdcage wardrobe organized! I also vowed not to purchase anything Chanel. They’re in no particular order, but I can actually see them all now. I wipe them down every couple of days so that I don’t have to keep them in their cover bags; otherwise it would defeat the whole practical purpose of having them on display.  Some of these babies are vintage pass-me-downs from my mum, and go as far back as 25 years! Like the little black and gold Chanel crossover on the 2ns shelf from the bottom. The Lady Dior is a little chunky for this wardrobe, but I managed to fit it in after I took this photo.

So what advice would I give on investing in a bag? Pick something classic and steer clear of seasonal IT bags. If you have a good forecasting sense when it comes to fashion, you’ll know when an IT bag is going to become a signature piece.  Like the packpacks, or the Natalia by Tom Ford. I like my bags to go from day to night, and from fall to spring, (except for that turquoise number on the bottom shelf, that ones screams “SUMMER’S HERE!” plus it’s calfskin, you can’t possibly take it out in the rain if you wanted a pop of colour to go with your black fur gilet.) Keep it classic and you’ll always get your money’s worth.


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