The “Lucky” Collection by Carolina Bucci

14lucky-SLIDE“Recalling the simple cotton bracelets that she exhcanged with friends on the beach as a little girl, Caroline Bucci designed the Lucky collection to capture the spirit of childhood friendship within the world of fine jewellery. Just double knot and make a wish!”

I stumbled upon Carolina Bucci only last year in the fine jewelry department at Harrods. I fell in love with the intricate woven bracelets, which are made from gold and silk threads. She’s a pioneer in the world of fine jewelry, pushing the boundaries and redefining what fine jewelry is. She gave classic gold bracelets a young fresh lift by combining bright colours and a “stacking feel” that generally only young people can relate to. Visit her website to check out her other collection, which are equally as gorgeous.

lucky_bracelets2cb3029dry2-slide CB3029HEY-241-SLIDE


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