Snow Globe.

388287_in_xlI can’t think of a more wonderful way to bring in the winter collections than with this glittery snow globe by Maison Martin Margiela. It was designed as part of a collaboration with L’ATELIER d’exercices. I think it’ll bring a little magic to your savvy home! And it’ll make a cute gift too.


3 thoughts on “Snow Globe.

  1. I’ve always been interested in snow globes (that’s my medium as an artist), so I checked out the one you had posted by MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA. I was surprised to read it was a (gasp!) plastic dome, if the description was correct.
    Although a little harder to make, and certainly fragile, i don’t think one can beat the beauty of a pristine glass snow globe. Over time, the plastic can scratch and become cloudy, but a glass orb should stay beautiful for a long, long time. (There are still in existence several examples of a glass snow globe made pre-1900 to celebrate the opening of the Eiffel Tower.)
    Regardless, always glad to see there are others who treasure snow globes, waterglobes and snow domes as art.

    • Thank you for your beautiful feedback. I’ve always loved snow globes.. I posted this one because it’s designed by one of my favourite fashion houses; Maison Martin Margiela. But I think it’s pretty nonetheless. I love your passion, keep it up. Love, Hannah

      • It’s beautiful indeed. The dimensions are larger than expected ( 9″ w x 7″ h x 9″ d) so perhaps the plastic dome is less heavy to lift and shake than traditional glass.

        My work typically uses a 4″ glass globe and with the base gets maybe 6 inches tall overall, but a 9-inch width is pretty amazing! It would be like lifting a small watermelon. One could get a decent workout if lifting that baby regularly.

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