Timeless elegance.

British Vogue dedicated their July issue to women who have sustained their distinctive styles over the years. And who’s splashed on the cover? None other than the fabulous Helena Bonham Carter. Investing in ageless pieces for your wardrobe means you can always mix and match. Splurge on that Burberry silk twill trench coat; wear it with your Isabel Marant sneakers today for a cup of coffee with friends and then wear it with your Belle Roger Vivier pumps tomorrow when you go to watch your daughter’s piano recital. Sure, these timeless pieces can be pricey, but they’re only expensive if you don’t know how to work them. If your Valentino rock stud shoes sit in your closet for years, then of course they’re expensive. But if you wear them day in and day out then they’re dirt cheap. You’ll thank yourself tomorrow for the decisions you made today, so go on… Splurge!

Below are some of my favourite classic  pieces, I warn you: They will break the bank.

1. Red Valentino cotton blend twill coat.



2. Rag & Bone washed-denim jacket.
3. Saint Laurent square-frame sunglasses
4. Block-colour dress. This cady dress is by Miu Miu


5. The Hangisi Manolo Blahnik satin pumps.

6. Anything quilted by Chanel. You know you can’t go wrong with it; it’s been around since the 20’s. Sure it’s saturated the market, but hey its the bag everyone loves to hate.



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