Striped & Spotted’s best kept beauty secrets!


I wrote an article for last month and I wanted to share it with my followers. I scoured the web to find you the best-kept beauty and fashion secrets out there! Well, some of them are hand-me-down tips from my mum, because mummy does know best! Check them out.

  • “Bat Those Eyelashes Girl!” For thicker and fuller lashes, use a little bit of talcum powder on them before applying your mascara. The powder will help give your lashes some volume. My mum taught me this trick a few years back and it’s one of the oldest in the book. Try it!

  • “Break in Those Brand New Pumps!” I’ve always taken it as a rule of thumb to never wear a pair of brand new shoes to an event that will have me standing up all night; I always end up in a bad mood and with a few blisters to top it off.  My mum once told me that the best way to break in a pair of shoes is to wear them with sports socks and walk around in them for an hour or so (at home).  It always does the trick because they feel comfier and roomier just in time for your big event.

  • “Have You Grown a Few Inches?” I’m quite petite and sometimes I like to go in flats. On these rare occasions however, I always pull my hair up in a high bun. I use a bun ring to add a few inches to my height; it always seems to work.

  • “Rise and Shine” If you didn’t get enough sleep last night, don’t be afraid to go for a bright lip. It’ll draw attention away from your eyes, which are a dead giveaway that you’ve had a rough night. If you use eye liner, then opt for a navy instead of a black to brighten up the whites of your eyes.

  • “No More Stains!” The best way to get those measly deodorant marks off your tops is to use a pair of nylon stockings. Honestly! Bundle up a pair of nylon stockings and gently rub the deodorant mark away. Thank me later.

  • “Rain Rain Go Away!” Have any of you made the mistake of wearing your suede Isabel Marant sneakers out on a cloudy day? Once it begins to rain, there’s no escape! Those rain spots are an absolute nuisance on suede. Don’t worry, I have a trick. Use an emery board or nail file to very gently rub the stain using a back and forth motion. Don’t be too harsh though! This works on most suede stains.

  • “Slip and Slide!” One of my biggest closet problems is keeping my silk and satin tops on the hangers without having them slip and slide off. Ideally, velvet hangers work like a charm. However, if you use metal or plastic hangers, wrap a rubber band on either side of the hanger to keep your top in place. Works wonders!

  • “One Mani Too Many!” If you’re suffering from a case of yellowing nails because of nail polish staining, then get yourself to the kitchen STAT! After you buff your unpolished nails, soak your fingertips in lemon juice mixed with a spoon of baking soda. Repeat this every other day until your nails improve. Ta daaa!

In my opinion the best tip I can give you is to smile, oh – and listen to your mother.


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