Love letters by Zelda Fitzgerald.

When I get my hands on a new vogue issue, I really like to sink my teeth into it. I usually start with skimming through it and then I take my sweet time and read it page for page, word for word. I came across this wonderful article in Vogue arts about Zelda Fitzgerald, whose husband I admire for writing some of the best literary works of all time. “The Great Gatsby” and “The Beautiful and Damned,” are just a few of his masterpieces.  Zelda was the “first flapper” of the roaring twenties, a fashion icon, and a troubled soul towards the end of her life. Diagnosed with schizophrenia, she spent the last few years of her life confined to mental asylums. I don’t want to spoil the article for you, but I took this picture of the last love letter Zelda sent to her husband… It’s true, that even in the hardest and most difficult of times, the spirit is still present, affection does indeed endure, and true love.. Never dies.



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