TCS: Tiny Clutch Syndrome.


TCS: The condition in which a tiny clutch is overloaded to a point whereby the clasp does not not fasten or interlock. In some severe cases, the clutch does not even close or fold.

Aaaaahhh the madness! And admit it, we’ve all been there. We’ve all tried to squeeze it tight enough for it to close. We’ve all sat there and organised the contents of the clutch so that each item is placed in a way that allows to the clutch to close. We’ve all said “I’ll make sure things stay in their position all night and I should be ok,” and as soon as you get into your car, you lean over to take our your iPhone and bang! Everything is all over the place and the madness prevails. So what are your 5 clutch priorities and what can’t you possibly go without?

My clutch must-haves:

  • Credit Cards. (For obvious reasons)
  • Cash. (In case of an emergency and for tipping purposes)
  • iPhone. (For pictures of course)
  • Eye drops. (In case my contact lenses start to irritate my eyes)
  • Lipstick. (For quick fix-ups)

Secondary clutch must-haves:

  • Tissues. (For my issues)
  • Chewing gum and/or Smints. (For minty breath)
  • Perfume sample. (Obviously if I’m suffering from TCS; so the smaller the sample, the better.

We’re all in this together. We’ve all had our bouts of suffering with TCS, so please do share with me your 5 clutch must-haves. Maybe yours make more sense than mine.



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