Jimmy Choo Collaborates with US artist Rob Pruitt for Cruise 2013.

Rob Pruitt is famed for his controversial artistic style, finding inspiration from science fiction, hip hop, and comic books. So the collection is loud, glittery, full of stand-out prints, screaming embellishments and lots of drama.  Pruitt is be channeling his art through a collection of shoes and clutches and we can’t wait to see it all up close!  And guess what? His signature print is the panda print. How cute is that? “The panda is an international symbol that reminds us to tread lightly and to appreciate the adorable,” says Pruitt. I am not a fan of the entire collection though, which is now available on net-a-porter.com. There’s some shab and a little tack to it really, but it all depends on how you work it of course. We can’t say it enough, it’s not what you wear, it’s HOW you wear it.

These anouk lace-covered leather pumps are my favourite.

Love these diffuse glitter-finished zebra-print sandals too.





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