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Rag & Bone: Spring 2013

Rag and Bone’s Spring 2013 collection is edgy, urban, and effortless. From biker jackets to ankle zipped pants, it’s easy and somewhat casual. The oversized shirts give a masculine touch to the collection. There’s a layered theme to the collection, which keeps with the brand’s street feel. Very Rag & Bone. It’s a little scruffy in some looks but it works! We’re loving the splashes of colour, it gives character to the cuts. Our favourite pieces in the collection? THE SHOESSS! Take a look for yourself.

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Jason Wu: Spring 2013

NYFW is back with a BANGGGG! This is an absolutely gorgeous collection by Jason Wu. Leather, lace, floral prints and navy starlight galaxy embroideries. The dresses are feminine yet fierce, dainty yet edgy. The collection is a combination of sexy, clean-cut and straight to the point. There’s not really one catwalk look that I wouldn’t try, it’s… Can we say it? I think we can. It’s perfect. Every single piece is a wardrobe must-have.

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Design Files: Sofia Al Asfoor exclusive interview with stripedandspotted.com

I sat down with the gorgeous Bahraini handbag and accessory designer Sofia Al Asfoor. She considers herself a leather specialist but foremost a designer. We’re totally obsessed with her “Shield” handbag line!  It’s fierce, it’s powerful, and it’s super chic. All in all, it’s a damn right gorgeous collection. I had the pleasure of interviewing Sofia and getting a sneak peek into the design process of her successful line. We can’t wait to get our hands on our own Sofia Al Asfoor creation! 

What inspired you to start your own handbag line?

I have always had an interest in fashion and accessories. After exploring many areas in art and design, during my year at the London college of fashion attending Cordwainers fashion accessories I had never felt so strongly about my work. I was eating, dreaming and living my work. It gave me so much passion and commitment that I knew that I wanted to return to the region to pursue my career in leather goods, seeing as the gulf had so much potential.

I’m a big fan of your work and I think your handbags are some serious statement pieces. How did the “shield” design come about? And what materials do you use?

I started working on my project in 2008 at university. After exploring ideas and practical experimentation work for half the year I came up with the concept and continued working on it ever since. I was told by my tutors that what I had envisioned was not something that was possible and was told to move on, I had the determination to prove them wrong. There is a lot of technical work and precision in detail that goes in to the pieces, creating art out of leather, and using various of moulding techniques to achieve it. The bags are meant to be bold and strong, making a statement of individualism with its quality in manufacturing and premium use of materials; they express the prestige status of today’s empowered woman. A Shield of protection in today’s world representing all aspects of mind body and soul. The bags are only made with the finest hand selected leathers from Europe. The Classic Shield is made Calf leather lined with lamb skin. I have worked with tanneries on creating a unique “blue” processed exclusively for my collections, and that blue is the statement colour of the brand.

The bespoke Exotic Shield is exclusively tailored to the customers requirements, ordering the skins from the highest outsourced tanneries around the world then crafted individually in Spain. Each piece is a unique creation requiring over 52 hours of craftsmanship by the artisans of Europe.

The Classic Shield

Who are some of the designers that you admire in the industry?

My father is my idol, founder of Designer Shaik I have grown watching him become who he is, he is my inspiration.

We follow you on Instagram, and we think you’re extremely stylish! How would you describe your own personal style?

(Blushing) I hope I can inspire people to be who they are. I would say my style Is forward with appreciation for the past. I like to channel what most would describe as “edgy” but for me it represents originality. I suppose thats why I love vintage and heritage too.

Where do you see your brand in 10 years time and what is your vision for it?

To grow into a fashion house showing what Bahrain has to offer to the rest of the gulf and beyond. I can fly head over heels with the amount of things I want to be creatIng but all will happen in time.

The Bespoke Exotic Shield

How do you spend your time when you’re not busy sketching and designing?

I am a big fan of exercise and yoga. I like to balance the rest of myself when I’m not in my own bubble. My work is my world, I handle every area there is, so there’s never usually much time for much else.

Where are Sofia Al Asfoor bags available for purchase?

Saks fifth avenue Dubai, Bahrain and Al Othman Kuwait.

What are you listening to on your iPod at the moment?

I love house and RnB oldies. I’m a bit random when it comes to music.

What is your favourite city and why?

New York. I can spend days on end exploring the place, being a day dreamer. Inspiration is all around me.



Style.com interviews Miroslava Duma!

You’re one of a cohort of Russian street-style stars. Why do you think Russians are the It girls on the blogs right now?
Eh, we’re the new thing. You know how fashion is—there’s always got to be a new look, a new idea, a new story. For a moment, street-style blogs were the new thing; now they have to look for a new thing. So today it’s Russians.

Do you think there’s a distinctively Russian sense of style?
I think Russia is still figuring out its style. Look at the history—we had cultural stagnation for like, 75 years. And in the Soviet Union, it really was, you had to wait outside in the cold to buy toilet paper. That scene in Moscow on the Hudson, that was a real thing. So in the 1990s, when we discovered oil, and this sheik era of Russia began, of course everyone wanted to buy the most expensive things. And they wanted to show off. I was a kid when this was going on, but I remember a rich woman saying to me, Listen, if you want to buy Versace, you make sure you buy something with a big logo, because otherwise, it’s a waste of money. Even later, at the beginning of the 2000s, I can remember going to into bars in Moscow and seeing at least five girls wearing the same Dolce & Gabbana logo jeans.

Now, Russians are more educated about fashion, and people with money, they want something unique. Unique and discreet. A couture suit, maybe. If it’s one of a kind, they’ll spend for that. And also now, there are different ways to be stylish. I mean, there’s always a woman in Russia who, you know, she’s got a rich husband who doesn’t know about fashion but who buys all her clothes, and he wants her to look sexy. And there are these girls, and some of them look really great, I must say, who are the daughters of very rich men, and they buy whole looks from Céline or Proenza. They want to look super-cool. And there are also the fashion professionals, who travel for work, and who know the little vintage places in Paris or London, and they mix and match a lot of things.

Do you like getting photographed for street-style blogs? I feel like it would stress me out. I mean, how much time do you spend putting together your fashion week outfits?
Donna Karan said if it takes you more than 20 minutes to get dressed, then you’ve got a problem. I live by that. I won’t spend a lot of time planning my outfits, even at fashion week. But I don’t have to—I mean, my talent in life is, I have a good imagination to put together an outfit. I’m not the most beautiful girl, I don’t write poems, I don’t make music, I’m not the best tennis player, but I can create a look, you know?

Has the attention changed the way you dress?
Yeah…Sometimes I’ll do a crazy outfit I know fashion people will appreciate, but then I look at myself and think, wow, if my husband saw me now, he’d say, are you OK? In my normal life, I mostly wear, like, jeans. Simple things.

Do you own everything you wear that gets shot for the blogs?
I probably shouldn’t say this, but a lot of my clothes are borrowed. I’m sure people look at me and think, Pfff, this girl, she’s just a silly girl with a credit card with no limit. But that’s not true! Maybe no designer will loan to me now…I mean, isn’t the whole point that girls think I bought the dress from so-and-so, so they go out and buy that dress?

So I went to look at your Web site, Buro 24/7, but it’s in Russian. Looks good, but what is it? 
Buro is a news site that provides quality information on fashion, art, architecture, culture, books, social life. Basically it’s a source that keeps you posted on everything interesting that happens in the world—the kind of stuff you can talk about with people you don’t really know, after you’ve talked about the weather.

Any plans to expand outside of Russia?
We already have! We recently launched, by license, a European edition based in Croatia, and we’re planning to open a London office very soon and start an English edition. Plus there’s a Middle East version I already have partners for, and we hope to do an Asian version of Buro, and so on.

I mean this kindly: You really don’t look like the mastermind of an international media empire. Like, you’re very cute.
Thank you.

Speaking of cute Russian girls out to change the world…
Are you going to ask me about Pussy Riot?

Well, they’ve really become a cause célèbre in the West. But I have a sneaking suspicion that opinions are different inside Russia. What’s your take?
My opinion is that these are very stupid girls. OK, so they have problems with the president—no president is perfect. But what did they change? Who did they help? How did they improve the situation in Russia? All they did was start an argument. And offend and humiliate people who believe in God. That’s it. I do a lot of charity work, there are many orphans in Russia who need help, so it’s not like all I see is rich people and fashion. I know there are things in this country that could be better. But this…Ugh. You know, people who say, oh, Pussy Riot is so great—I feel like, they don’t know what’s happening in Russia, they don’t know how Russians think, what they’ve experienced. I’d love to ask some of these people, who love Pussy Riot, if they can tell me anything else—any single thing—about the political situation in Russia today. I’d be very surprised if many people took the time to find out more about what’s happening. These girls aren’t even in jail! It’s not even—how do you call it?—house arrest.

So I guess you’ve got some opinions about this whole thing.
Everyone in Russia has an opinion. [Sighs.] Look, I love America. Everyone’s so kind and positive. They don’t know what it’s like in Russia—I mean, this is a silly example, but if you look at comments on street-style blogs, in Russia it’s all ugly. There’s a lot of envy. But in the States, you know, there’s some of that but there’s also people making compliments. You never get a compliment in Russia. So you have to understand with these girls, these stupid girls, that what they did was triple the negativity.

Anything you’re particularly looking forward to for Fashion’s Night Out? Are you a big Tesla Boy fan?
I just like that there’s this event to celebrate shopping. Sometimes I feel, men really are lucky—they’re strong, they don’t get pregnant, they can sleep with many women, and no one cares—but women, they have fashion. We have this pleasure, to go shopping and play with beautiful clothes, and no one ever takes it seriously but it’s important, you know? Russia, for more than 70 years, we didn’t get to shop. We didn’t have fashion. So maybe we appreciate this idea more than most people.

Interview courtesy of style.com

Del Rey: The Making of a Mulberry Icon


Watch this video of the gorgeous Del Rey bag being transformed from scratch and pieces of leather and metal into the beautiful Mulberry icon – all to the tune of Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness”.

The inspiration behind the bag is hollywood nostalgic glamour . Lana Del Rey is framed as a modern classic: all practicality, simple refined elegance and timeless, crafted luxury.