My make-up that night.

I’m not usually one to wear any make-up, but the other day I thought I’d shake things up for a change. I had to attend a wedding in Marbella and my dress needed a little something something for a finishing touch and I thought a little make up would do the trick. I got my make up done at the hotel but I absolutely hated it. I looked orange. So instead, I tried to go home and fix it where I could with so the little time I had left. I have very fair skin and I don’t like using concealer. If I need a blemish cover-up or a concealer, I like to use a light foundation instead. I think that’s the key to perfect complexion.. light light light. I liked the way they did my hair though, soft tresses with a round brush. Sadly it didn’t last 5 minutes in the spanish heat and humidity. But here are a few of the products I use when I like to shake things up!


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